Penelope Line

Welcome to The Dandelion Company. We are so happy that you are here and hope to get to know you well over the years to come!


The Dandelion Company has been a loving work in progress for many years now. Not the wholeness of it, but rather the desire for it. When our oldest child was in her mid-teens she became very ill and we did not know what was the cause. Tests were run, issues were found, but the underlying cause was evasive for quite a while.

We changed foods we ate, pans we cooked in, became familiar with supplements and all kinds of things. It was the real beginning towards better understanding her body’s needs, and a different way of looking at our bodies as a whole. We didn’t give up all things, but we started making changes and asking questions. We began to peel apart ideas, beliefs, traditional approaches and started shifts in how we viewed many things in the world.

Over the years we have looked at what is healthy, what creates or sabotages wellness, and how to meet the different needs of the very unique human beings in our family. How do we support each other in mind, body, and spirit? We began by asking why and why not? We considered how, how much, when, what and with whom? What we discovered is there is no “one size fits all” and life is too short to not live it fully.

In order to have a life full of wellness and wonder, we needed to live a full life. To do so means enjoying it in the moments and making choices that opened opportunities rather than limited our options. It also meant taking a hard look at what would give us a solid foundation for our overall well being and what brings about energy, a positive perspective, and a grand love for life itself and the amazing human beings along the way.

Over the past few years one of our younger children reached her mid-teens and again we are facing baffling health issues. As we continue to walk a path of unknowns, we did know one thing for certain. We knew that we wanted to use natural and organic products in an area that has a large impact on our bodies and that can be anything that comes in contact with the skin in regard to bath and body products. We may not have all the answers on what is happening within our bodies, but we can choose what we put on our bodies that can help provide a foundational support to the body as a whole.

That brings us to our shop within The Dandelion Company. Our goals are to recommend products, some we bring to you, others we can connect you with. Products that can be used with confidence due to the high quality of natural and organic ingredients. Products that protect humans, are not tested on animals and are gentle and respectful to the earth from which it comes.  We first chose natural soaps because our skin, our largest organ, is bombarded with so many toxins that we knew we needed to start there.  Soaps made with all natural ingredients that you can use and know are safe, beneficial and lathering love on you!

Our first soaps were specially chosen for our Penelope Line. This line of scents have very special connections to my sister, Penny, who suddenly became very ill, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer with no treatment options available for her. This wonderful woman went from living life, assisting others, enjoying family and friends, playing her flute, working hard, and loving fully, to a time of great struggle and thankfully a peaceful passing from this life. In a couple of short months she was with us, and then she was gone. Her memory, though, remains full and cherished. This line of soaps is in honor of her life well lived and well loved.

The Penelope Line consists of four soaps that represent scents she loved, and the people and things she cherished most.

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