About Me

I am a Mom/Aunt/Namma to 6.  Our family is a mine/ours/others blend.  I have given birth to four, and been blessed with two bonus children as well.  My kids range from 28 – 5.  I have been married, divorced, and remarried.  I have grieved the death of the father of my first two children when they were young.  I was a single mom for five years, and then remarried.  My best friend and I have been married for 18 years, and looking forward to being together for countless more.  This past summer I had to say goodbye to one of my siblings after an unexpected and brief battle with cancer.  She will always be part of my quest to live life fully and mindfully.

We began homeschooling in 1998. My oldest three kids all began their compulsory years in public school. My oldest would have done well regardless of setting. My next two, not at all. I love that options exist.

Over the course of the years, we went from school at home, to more and more relaxed to best meet the learning styles, personalities, physical health, mental health, and emotional health of our older three kids. By the time our younger girls reached compulsory school age, we understood the principles of unschooling and knew them to be the best fit from then on.  We have been radically unschooling for 12+ years and counting.

One of my daughters has been ill for the past 4 years and recently diagnosed with Lyme’s disease. Home education has been an added blessing, as her health deteriorated school would have been an impossibility. We are hoping she finds a new level of wellness soon, as future plans are on hold for now.

Our 17-year-old graduates in 2017, then our youngest daughter in the Spring of 2018, and our youngest begins his compulsory years in the fall of 2018, so we have years to go and it is very good, indeed.

My blog is not an educational blog in whole, but learning is a key component of life, and educational pursuits have been, and will continue to be, a part of our daily lives for years to come so is a featured part of my blog, and I will be highlighting all options of school/homeschool.

Life is wondrous and full of possibilities. It is also troublesome and wrought with worry.  Worry is not productive, though, so finding solutions to our problems is advantageous.  When we, or those we care about, have health issues it weighs us down. What can we do to help support our mind, body, and spirit, even in the midst of the unknown, or during the healing process? What can we choose to build a strong foundation for wellness with and upon?

One significant choice we can make is to replace that which depletes us with that which sustains us.  Reducing or eliminating synthetic, processed, and harmful chemicals from our homes and replacing them with natural products instead is one way. That is also what The Dandelion Company is all about. Offering options that you can trust from the outside in! Benefiting you beyond skin deep. Don’t we all deserve to be taken care of?!  Let us love on you!

I am most passionate about living a life of clarity and compassion.  I strive to be ever mindful of what I believe and why.  I also believe in connected and respectful relationships with people of all ages.  I spent my years between college and remarriage as a social worker.  I have worked with people of ages from birth through death.  I have helped support individuals and their families as they maneuvered life with physical challenges, mental health issues, emotional instability, trauma, and grief.   I have worked in home, group home, day programs, an alternative school, and community programs.  I currently spend time with our community theatre and really enjoy all aspects of it, with my favorite place being behind the curtain choreographing the magic of stage crews.

I hope you will find encouragement here, in creating the best YOU for you and for all those whose lives you have connection and influence in. Seeking clarity in life decisions and in personal responsibility for change is powerful. Let me partner with you in doing so.