The beauty of unschooling is, the principles remain the same regardless of our worldview. If we focus on relationship above all else then it becomes easier to see people, as human beings worthy of respect and kindness. It helps to be more comfortable sharing grace, forgiveness … not because we are Christian (or not), but because we are all beloved by the Creator and have a purpose.

When you start questioning your “why”, you will find that it can be very scary, difficult, even threatening to our own beliefs – because knowing why you believe something, really peeling it apart and looking for truth, rather than potentially accepted biases, prejudices, tradition, indoctrination … you will be better able to sift through and get rid of all that really does not benefit you building relationship. Relationship between you and God, you and each individual family member, you and friends, you and those you come in contact with regularly and occasionally.

You may begin to see the real heart of others, rather than a label they attach to themselves¬†or have attached to them by others because who they are, is usually so much more, and so much less than we may believe due to the lens we have viewed them through before we started seeking to know the core of our “why”.

Just as you will be letting go of the schoolish verbiage, the schoolish thought, the schoolish expectations, you will find yourself more willing to let go of other things that hinder the natural process of learning, loving, connection … It is so worth any difficulty that you might experience when you begin to truly let go, and let God be the real leader of not only education but all of life. He brings people into our lives. Some are already in a¬†relationship with Him. Some say they are, but only He will know if that is real or not. Some will not yet know of Him, and some may even deny His existence. Each and every single one of them is worthy of our time, our attention, our heart and our love. Not all will be front liners in our lives, and some may not be invited into our homes, but all should have the opportunity to share something of themselves that can help us become better people, clearer reflections of Christ. It is that reflection that may help them become better people as well.