Life is short. Live it fully. Love is tenuous. Love anyway. Kindness matters. Matter kindly.
Go out and meet people. People are worth the risk. Risks are worth taking. Take respectfully.
Respectfully give. Give of yourself. You are already complete. Completely.

Feel. Feelings are real. Reality is subjective. Subject yourself to change. Change is valuable.
Recognize value. Value others. Others count. Count your blessings. Bless you. You are ready. Be ready and willing. Be willing to pay. Pay it forward. Forward thinking. Think.

Seek and find. Find new ways. Ask questions. Question everything. Everything is possible. Possibly much differently than you imagine. Imagine and dream. Dream boldly. Boldly pursue. Pursue your passion. Passionately follow. Follow your interests. Be interesting.

Our world is full of goodness, see it. Seek and you will find. Find your way naturally. Nature is healing. Heal thyself. Selflessly offer. Offer assistance. Assist unconditionally. Condition yourself for compassionate responses. Let compassion be your compass.

Humans are messy. Messy has its place. Place yourself carefully. Carefully touch the lives of others. Others have knowledge. Come to know. Know more. Know better. Do more. Do better. Be better. Be.

Learn. Never stop learning. Never stop. Stop rationalizing. Be rational. Seek logic. Be of a logical mind. Mindfully choose. Choose wisely. Wisely seek options. There are always options available. Be available to assist others. Others need you. You matter in this life. Life is short.