new-year-1898553_1920  I love January 1st.  Not because it is magical, but because it is a tangible new beginning.  As we go through our lives, there are times when we really just want a fresh start.  We can make that happen on any of the 365 days of each year, and yet, the idea of a concrete starting point can make all things feel more possible.

This new year, I have some old goals and new ones that I will be working toward completion of.  I am not making resolutions, but rather mindful steps to get to the end point.  When I complete one thing, I will take the next best step until I have accomplished each task, overcome any obstacle, and fulfilled everything needed to make the dream a reality.

I will reflect back on the days behind me, to glean lessons, information, and failures.  It is from all of our past experiences that we can learn small bits and large portions that we can take with us into every single day to help us know more and do more, to know better and to do better.  The things we found to be useful and beneficial we can choose to blend into the projects and opportunities each day.  That which did not make our lives better, or turned out to be lesser than we had hoped, can be fodder for better choices.

This blog has been a long time coming.  I have been wanting to begin writing again, but there were always more pressing things to do and be done.  Having children keeps one busy, and they are priority.  They grow up so fast, and over the years we made plenty of mistakes and missteps.  We have worked hard to heal any breaches we have created with the parenting style we started with.  We listened to, and learned from, our oldest children and chose to change to a set of principles that brought us into partnership with the very human beings we had invited into our lives.  In doing so, we recognized how the traditional ways we had interacted with our children were not as respect filled, nor honoring as they deserved as fully worthy human beings, regardless of size or age.

Today we have three young adult children, two teenagers and one who will soon be 5.  Because of them, whether born from my body, or merged in my heart, all of these incredible human beings have made me a better person.  They are all so different, and also the same, as people tend to be.  We have lived/are living through chronic illness, mental health issues, processing differences, trauma, along with the typical ups and downs of life.  I have been pushed to my perceived limits in every area of life, and I have found that I am limitless in my love for them all.

It is because of all the very difficult times, and the pinnacle moments of raising children, as well as working with others from birth through death that I am the woman I have become in this season of life.  I am a pragmatic empath who seeks clarity and connected relationships.  I want to assist others find the root of all their beliefs and come to better understand why they think and act as they do.  When we are willing to peel apart all that has made up the fabric of our thoughts, and face them to find that which is true, or not, we can then be more mindful and take greater responsibility for every thought, word, and deed in our lives.

Life is better for the knowing.  Join me in exploring the depth and breadth of life.  Let us live each day tenaciously!!