Welcome to The Dandelion Company

The Dandelion Company is all about making mindful choices, each and every day. We are also all about living life fully, tenaciously going after that which you dream about, desire after, find interest in, believe will bring a greater purpose for yourself and all those who will be touched by the ripples of your choices.

Our world has a physical reality. Our lives have a perspective reality. What we believe to be true colors our interactions, our relationships, our way of communicating, our thoughts and actions/reactions. When we shift our perspective we can create a different reality. If we focus on the shadows, our reality becomes dimmer, fearful, negative. If we focus on that which illuminates, we have glorious brightness from which to examine all things, and it lights our way to the beauty and wonder that abounds in our world!!!!

May we be a source of hope, support for wellness, kindness, and clarity for all who choose to stop in and visit a while.